Unified Science in Resonance with Nature

Changing our Name - Expanding our REACH & Service
The Resonance Project Foundation is evolving!
After more than a decade of pioneering an uncharted path in scientific research, theory and publication, RPF is changing its name to Resonance Science Foundation to better reflect its vision, mission and service in the world.

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We wholeheartedly express our deepest thanks to all who have supported RPF since our inception, and are filled with gratitude for the dedication and enthusiasm that our global community of members, students and collaborators can now bring to the Resonance Science Foundation. The future is very bright in a connected universe!

Our Vision is of a world wherein humanity’s technological and social systems are in harmonious relationship with Nature, Earth and the Cosmos as a whole, based upon a unified view of science that reveals the dynamics of an interconnected universe and engenders the application of technologies that are in resonance with universal forces and principles.

Our Mission is to share the scientific knowledge and insights that arise from a unified view of the dynamics of nature and how they can be applied to every area of human endeavor in support of solving the critical systemic challenges we are facing today.

We pursue our Mission by:

  • Conducting research in the field of Science and Unified Physics with an unwavering focus on following the cues provided by nature to discover its inner workings.
  • Developing insights into technologies and applications that apply these discoveries to solving some of humankinds’ most fundamental challenges.
  • Providing educational opportunities that can empower people through a coherent understanding of these insights and the implications and applications of Unified Physics in our personal lives and in the world.
  • Inspiring others by acknowledging and modeling our interconnectedness, interdependence and infinite nature in how we work, teach and explore together with integrity and compassion for all life.

We invite you to join us in this pursuit by exploring our new family of websites and the resources each provides. Each sub-domain is unique and yet unified under the care and guidance of the Resonance Science Foundation, and serves a purpose and function that contributes to the overall health, growth and mission of the whole.

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Phase 1 is just the beginning!

We have a solid foundation to stand on, one we build together over the past 12 years.
Now is the to time to take a leap forward into a new frontier and innovate as we learn and grow and unify.

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